Stop and read, in the name of love

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day this past Sunday, the amazing people at Deutsch’s NY office came together last week under Cupid’s umbrella to strike joy and love into the hearts of New York City children in need. Last Tuesday, Deutsch hosted its first-ever Valentine’s Day [...]

Deutsch Goes Gatsby For 2015 Holiday Party

A timid knock on the door just inside Jane Hotel’s lobby was enough to draw out a man in a tuxedo and fez hat who had been lurking behind it. Uttering the password, “duck soup,” was the only way in to this speakeasy parlor and what promised to be an evening highlighted by dancing and debauchery–Great Gatsby [...]

Wake and Bake Mama: Feeding Creativity

Dana Commandatore is the jane-of-all-trades. She’s our bad ass EVP, Director of Creative Services, an amazing mom and the one and only “Wake and Bake Mama.” Many have been lured into her office by the delicious smell of her salty chocolate chip cookies or jalapeño [...]

Meet the NiceBot

Most people’s experience with Twitter spam consists of being solicited with crazy offers on how to make $50/hour working from home, or some sexy model avatar inviting you to check out his or her picture. No thanks. Block. Report. Spam can be annoying, and it’s [...]

Our First Live Game Show: Deutsch’s Ad-Man

On Thursday night, the DBC (Deutsch Broadcasting Company) presented our first-ever, live game show – ‘’Deutsch’s Ad-Man.’’ A silly mash-up of Wheel of Fortune minus that boring wheel and Hangman without that unfortunate noose. A friendly, but politically charged game. It all started with the whiteboard [...]