Deutsch Wins OMMA’s 2011 Creative Agency of the Year

How do you become OMMA’s creative agency of the year for 2011? By proving that “creative digital content isn’t solely the province of upstart digital-only shops.”

Both Deutsch NY and Deutsch LA have used an arsenal of digital technology to bring idea-driven creative story telling to the masses, even if it’s meant for TV. That includes projects as varied as Deutsch NY’s Green Lantern game and its fake web trailer for a “Football Cops” series with Peyton and Eli Manning.

Another example is the success of releasing Super Bowl spots on YouTube prior to their TV debut; a trend that was started by us in earnest with “The Force.” Deutsch LA Chief Creative Officer Mark Hunter notes, “We’re learning – or proving – that you can also use digital for non-digital ideas.” Learn more about how we did it.