Archive | April, 2012

A Brand’s Guide to Coachella

For most of the 200,000 visitors to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Coachella represents nothing but a giant music-filled party in the desert. For marketers, though, Coachella is an opportunity to reach a captive, affluent audience in an unexpected setting. The key for brands [...]

What Nike’s FuelBand Says About Marketing

Everywhere I turn in the industry, I hear the same conversation: Traditional marketing is dying and the product itself is becoming the marketing, the advertising, the branding, all in one. And in the world of product development-as-brand, Nike is held up as the clear standard-bearer. [...]

Hello World, from Deutsch

I’ve always loved that the first post in a WordPress blog starts out, “Hello World!” Because what’s a blog but a way of saying, “Here I am”? So, world, here we are. The agency story gets told through the work, right? Well, yes—the human, inventive [...]

The Volkswagen Kraftwerk GIFaway in Tweets

Our  Volkswagen GIFaway let Kraftwerk fans upload animated GIFs of themselves to try to win tickets to the Kraftwerk MOMA retrospective, a promotion that tapped into Kraftwerk’s high-tech, lo-fi appeal. The GIFaway had almost 6,000 submissions, and we projected the best of them on a wall at Bowery [...]

Unapologetically Strong Women

For years, women have been portrayed by the deodorant industry as weak. A problem in need of fixing. From embarrassed bridesmaids to sheepish business women in silk blouses who hide their armpits, women have been made to feel that without a deodorant we are inadequate [...]

What Else Can We Do for You?

Well, for starters, we can brag a little bit. For the second year in a row, Deutsch NY was honored with the “Purveyor of the Year” award by client Outback Steakhouse at its annual conference, beating out several Outback agency partners, including Carat, MSL of [...]