Archive | May, 2012

Hula-Hoop Your Way to a Smile

What fun is a hula-hoop contest without a little encouragement? Last week Kevin Carroll, author and founder of Kevin Carroll Katalyst/LLC, came to Deutsch LA to introduce Anthem’s Bring Back Recess initiative to the rest of the agency that doesn’t work with Anthem. Bring Back [...]

PNC Virtual Wallet Parties Like a Rockstar

People don’t always think of “cool” when they think of banks. But Deutsch brought the cool to PNC’s most enthusiastic customers with the Wallet Sessions: Exclusive concerts that explained our Virtual Wallet offering and rewarded customers for their loyalty. The Wallet Sessions were intended as [...]

Tad is Back, Still Stuck in the Past

He’s back, but not any brighter: Tad, the numero uno IT salesman from VMlimited. Last week marked the launch of our second wave of the deadpan campaign for Microsoft visualization, which shows its competitors still stuck in the past. Tad is our clueless IT salesman [...]