VIDEO: Interns Create Campaign about Deutsch

When you intern at an agency—when you intern anywhere—you don’t always to get to do the fun stuff. But our last big assignment for our Deutsch NY internship was fun stuff: a campaign to show why Deutsch is unique.

About a month ago, the CEO of IPG, Michael Roth, announced that the interns of each agency in the network would have to create a presentation explaining how their agency is unique. We decided that the most effective way to excel in this competition was to treat it like a campaign.

We began by looking at the assignment and assigning a group of planners to create a brief detailing our insights and requirements.  From there, a group of creative interns each came up with creative pitches that were then shared with all the interns.  Collectively, we discussed each idea and began pre-production on the video featured below.

Each of the 36 Deutsch NY interns was able to contribute to this project in their own way.  Whether it was coming up with the brief, sharing an idea, starring in the video, or being part of the production team, there was a place and a part for everyone.  This video was made through the application of the Deutsch process, and shows how each one of us has taken on the Deutsch motto: Leaner, Meaner, Faster, Smarter.

We were very excited to share our video with IPG last week, and now, with all of you. It truly is an expression of the unforgettable summer we’ve had here at Deutsch.