You’ve been DSchooled

How do you take a great traditional agency, add some brilliant digital minds, and somehow get them speaking the same language? One way is to stick ‘em in a room and don’t let ‘em out, like we did for five days teaching the entire agency at Deutsch LA about Digital 101.

Digital School, or DSchool as it’s known around these halls, was a collaboration of all the digital departments joining forces to give an update on the state of digital advertising. “There are no true experts in digital. The pace of technological change is just too fast,” Deutsch LA Chief Digital Officer Winston Binch said in a blog post about DSchool. “We’re all learning. In order to keep pace, you need to research and explore new corners of the web every day.” But with so much information, where do you even begin?

Well, we started by simply trying to answer the question, “What is Digital?” Bud Caddell, VP of Invention Strategy, led a session on “Thinking Digital,” but that was just the beginning. The 7 other sessions proceeded to address the current states of media, mobile, social, email, making digital and finally, how to bring them all together through briefing and concepting. Don’t worry, there were seven different speakers. We didn’t want to make our employees stare at any one person’s face for too long.

The main goal was to give everyone literacy and proficiency in digital across the creative process—or “Give our people a quick yet thorough digital reboot,” as Winston says. The sessions were informative, even for the digital natives at Deutsch. With some great feedback and suggestions, we plan to keep educating the troops, even offering it as a service to clients. See you at Digital 202!