Earn More Cash Back With PNC

Credit card issuers seem to have no problem bombarding consumers with claims, percentages and confusing offers (usually all at once). In our latest ad for the PNC CashBuilder credit card, we focused on what the card actually offers: a big percentage back on nearly every purchase.

The card offers 75% more cash back than cards earning 1%, the typical amount. So the spot, “Bigger,” speaks directly to the people who expect more cash back. Through a series of highly visual vignettes, we meet people who make “big” a part of their daily lives.

From a man feeding his over-sized pet fish (named Jack Dempsey), to a woman sporting her towering 10 lb. hairdo, we capture the idea of getting 75% more cash back on almost every purchase.

The messaging is simple, visually engaging, and aligns with the understated tone that we’ve helped to create for the PNC brand. In other words, it’s a credit card spot you’ll enjoy watching in a “big” way.