Supporting the Troops…With Snacks

In the 11 years since America entered the war in Afghanistan, many brave women and men have risked their lives to serve our country. At Deutsch LA, we stay connected to those who fight for us overseas through friends and family. Group creative director Jason Elm’s brother serves our country in the Marine Corps and is currently stationed in Afghanistan.

Jason, acting GCD for our Diamond Foods client, noticed a Facebook post from his brother about a Diamond product, Emerald Breakfast on the Go! snacks. Jason’s brother said that he was absolutely in love with Breakfast on the Go! and would be willing to pay shipping and handling if someone in the states would be able to send him a care package filled with the product….especially the S’mores flavor!

Jason replied, “You really have no idea what I do, do you?” [Editor’s note: Most of our families don’t.] With Deutsch LA’s great relationship with Diamond Foods and Emerald, we knew we had to take advantage of this all-too-perfect moment!

Diamond Foods’ Emerald nuts will be sending packages filled with Breakfast on the go! and other Emerald products in hopes that these nutritious snacks will remind our service men and women that they are in our thoughts. Diamond and Deutsch LA are grateful for the opportunity to support the Marines—especially a member of the Deutsch LA family.