The Best of Deutsch LA’s Movember Moustaches

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Movember may be over, but we believe it’s never too late to talk about moustaches. Here’s what drove some of our guys to grow their stunning ‘staches.

Andrew Dubois, the ”pretty boy,” was one of the most passionate about this cause, which raises awareness and funds for fighting prostate cancer. He considered growing out his moustache as an annual tradition. Apparently one woman claimed, ‘I don’t know if I should run away, or jump in your arms’. Compliment or not?

Damon Vinyard, the “southern gentleman,” actually had a first date while sporting his moustache that led to a second date. I think it helped him get in touch with his inner Mathew McConaughey.

Greg Parsons had actually never rocked a moustache before. He believed that he resembled a 1940’s movie star, someone like Clark Gable. He decided to grow it out just see what he would look like…and wanted to shave it off pretty much every day.

Hassan Elzein, the “model“, grew out his moustache to look like Karl Haddad. Sadly, he was too busy to try it out on his latest lady love.

Jeff Smith’s goal was to be extremely creepy. He knew he’d succeeded when someone said,  “Whoa, you are able to be creepier.”

Nathan Pitzel believed this was a fun excuse to grow a moustache and pretend to be blue-collar. However good a cause it was, he says, it was not a hit with the ladies.

Ted Burdett or “Super Ted” is a cancer survivor who passionately believes in this cause. Throughout November, his moustache brought back memories from the past—and reminded him of all that he has overcome.

And last but not least, Sir Nick Velloff was the king of all moustaches throughout Deutsch LA. He believed that he was channeling Tom Selleck when people would ask him, “Are you an actor?” (Twice in a one hour period at the airport.)

All of the men who sacrificed their upper lip for the entire month of November to bring awareness to this cause should be commended. Their moustaches helped support the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the hope that one day, there will be a cure.