Protein Fight Club: Milk Battles for Breakfast Supremacy

By Sean Lee & Luke Hughett

Yankees vs. Red Rox.

Ali vs. Frazier.

Sergey Kirdyapkin vs. Si Tianfeng (for all the rabid Olympic race-walking fans out there)

And now, Milk vs. Breakfast Burrito.

Breakfast is about to get nasty.

Welcome to Round One of Protein Fight Club, the latest campaign for MilkPEP, featuring the one and only Milk taking on its fiercest rivals in the battle for breakfast supremacy.

There shall be no shedding of blood. No throwing of punches. No emotionally stirring locker room pep talks.

Just round after round of nonviolent bizarrity demonstrating that milk is a better source of protein than other popular breakfast choices.

When the sun comes up, Burrito is going down. And so are others.

The campaign came to life because, while people in America love protein, they don’t realize milk is chock full of it. No other source of protein is easier or healthier to consume.

So we teamed up with director Eric Wareheim to produce eight spots to show that. The first three launch today.

The campaign will live on TV, YouTube,, Milk’s own, pre-roll, standard- and rich-media banners.

But the goal here isn’t just to convey the protein message. We want people to create their own Protein Fight Club videos and will them to existence however they can.

Because then there’s no shortage of things Milk can go up against.

Milk vs. Black Holes.

Milk vs. the ’86 Mets.

Milk vs. Twerking.

You name it.

Check out the first batch of work here. Then stay tuned for other spots coming soon.