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Found at Deutsch LA: Tumbling Cubical Walls

The Berlin Wall, Office Space, Deutsch LA. What do these three things have in common? I don’t really know except (maybe) walls coming down. Pictured above are Armando Samuels and Karl Haddad from Panama and Lebanon, respectively. They decided to break down the barriers to [...]

A Trailer-Trashy Thanksgiving at Deutsch LA

Click on the image above to view a slideshow. Everyone has those traditions that signal the start of the holiday season and here at Deutsch LA, that is good ol’ W.T.T.G. This 13-year old tradition, which comes just before real Thanksgiving every year, kicks off [...]

Go West: East Coast Advertising Execs in LA

Photo Credit: Ringo H.W. Chiu/LABJ Los Angeles has been attracting a lot of major talent in advertising away from the East Coast, as we know first-hand. What is it about LA, that has transformed this town into a thriving advertising culture? The Los Angeles Business Journal delves [...]