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Califarmia: The Real Story of California Dairy

The California Milk Advisory Board recently launched a contemporary new website that challenges the stereotype of “pitchfork” and “bucket” dairy farming. It takes an honest look at the people, places and food that make California the leading dairy producer in the United States. They challenged [...]

The Road To Success

“Make people want to walk through fire for you.”- Donny Deutsch Last week, the 2014 summer intern class had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with the favored Chairman of Deutsch Inc., Donny Deutsch. As each intern gathered in the video conference room, anticipation [...]

Deutsch LA’s DLAtino Ditches Dubbing for Storytelling

There are typically two ways to produce multicultural advertising: Hire a boutique agency or translate and dub general market spots. Deutsch LA’s DLAtino prefers the third option: Use big agency resources to reach multicultural audiences. Until recently, multicultural marketing was an afterthought in marketers’ minds, [...]