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The Many Faces We Meet

  My name is Jermaine A. Richards, Deutsch Intern (Account Management discipline) from the MAIP 2015 Class, and I am an aficionado of: writing, art, advertising and all things correlating.  I’d like to paint a picture of a realization I’ve had while being here these [...]

From Denver to Deutsch

Big Foot exists. Well, at least according to Deutsch design intern Trent Segura he does. Trent developed Big Foot’s Tinder account to catch the eye of Andrew Essex, Vice Chairman of Droga5 and one of the judges of the “Big Ad Gig,” a prestigious and [...]

Movin’ On Up

For anyone who lives in New York and for anyone who chooses to work in the advertising industry, adaptability is a must. As a Brazilian journalism graduate, I can say I’ve gone through my share of changes since I moved here and started at Deutsch. [...]

Deutsch’s Summer Residency D-PREP Goes Bicoastal!

This week marked the start of the second annual D-Prep, Deutsch’s summer residency program. Only this time we’re taking it bicoastal. Eight LA students and four NY students have been recruited to spend their summer developing prototypes, concepting ideas, and creating real client solutions with [...]

Fresh on 34th Street

Christmas came early this year and Deutsch came bearing gifts. One of which happened to be a brand spankin’ new location! As an intern who traveled miles across the country from Chicago to New York City, I must say it was a bit intimidating coming [...]

For the Love of Hot Sauce

When I was growing up in Brooklyn­ ­– my father always grew hot chilies in our backyard garden. I would watch him eat them raw, dipping them into a small plate of salt. As I grew up I didn’t have the same passion for the very [...]

The Last Family Portrait

  WATERisLIFE doesn’t do regular ads. They don’t cue the sad music and zoom in on the flies that land on the children. And they don’t get a B-list celebrity to repeat the same old message you’ve heard a million times over. They look for [...]