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Deutsch Headliners: BEGINNERS Take Stage at SXSW

Deutscher Sam Barbera Moonlights as a Musician Deutsch LA makes it a priority to foster a growing and diverse culture. Whether it’s funding the Side Project Project or hosting DLAMC (our Motorcycle Club), DLA is no stranger to supporting its employees’ personal ambitions. The latest example [...]

#dazedandexposed of the Year

Dazed (a well-known, London, based fashion and culture magazine) launched a weekly Instagram contest in 2014. Users were encouraged to tag any type of photo #dazedandexposed, and if their photo was selected as the best entry of the week by Dazed editors, their work would [...]

Too Late: A Message For The Internet

If you take a look at your social media newsfeed, there’s a decent chance many people are paying nice tributes to someone who passed away. But in the case of bullied teens who’ve taken their own lives, what if some of this positivity came earlier? As [...]

Deutsch Candy Land

  Free food is a democratizing perk at every agency. Leftover meeting sandwiches and vendor’s treats typically attract swarms of snackers, at every level. So imagine working in a place where, at a specific time every afternoon, sweet treats are thoughtfully curated and put on [...]

“Serial”: The Podcast That Never Disappoints May Disappoint Us (and why that’s not such a bad thing)

The “This American Life” spin-off podcast, “Serial,” will release its twelfth and final episode tomorrow, Thursday, December 18. While we sometimes lose our self-respect based on the content we consume (think twerking videos, you-know-you-work-in-advertising GIFs, etc.), “Serial” represents a moment where we find ourselves rising [...]

124 Eyeballs in a Jar

Click on the image above for a slideshow of the event. 124 eyeballs in a jar, a demon mechanical cat, a haunted office, a drone-flying ghost, and eerie posters – Is it the newest Halloween attraction in L.A?  Nope, just the highlights from Deutsch LA’s [...]

So you say it’s a man’s world?

Think of three women in your life. Heart disease and stroke will kill one of them. Think of three women you work with. Heart disease and stroke will kill one of them. Think of three female friends from college. You get the idea. 1 in [...]