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Movin’ On Up

For anyone who lives in New York and for anyone who chooses to work in the advertising industry, adaptability is a must. As a Brazilian journalism graduate, I can say I’ve gone through my share of changes since I moved here and started at Deutsch. [...]

So you say it’s a man’s world?

Think of three women in your life. Heart disease and stroke will kill one of them. Think of three women you work with. Heart disease and stroke will kill one of them. Think of three female friends from college. You get the idea. 1 in [...]

FEMA Combines Emotion And Urgency In New Campaign

Year after year, communities nationwide suffer from natural disasters. Emergencies appear, often unsuspectingly, and leave behind a trail of devastation, the worst part of which is the potential for being separated from your family. This is why the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in collaboration [...]

The Road To Success

“Make people want to walk through fire for you.”- Donny Deutsch Last week, the 2014 summer intern class had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with the favored Chairman of Deutsch Inc., Donny Deutsch. As each intern gathered in the video conference room, anticipation [...]

Feminism Is For Everyone

What pops into your mind when you hear the word feminism? Man-hating, bra-burning women or establishing equal opportunities for women in education and employment? We took a look at exploring all of those and more, when Deutsch NY recently hosted a thought-provoking and inspirational panel on [...]

Women’s History Month: Inside Deutsch NY

March is Women’s History Month, providing us with a great opportunity to celebrate the fabulous women of Deutsch—across all departments. Our first group of gals includes: Stephanie Lee-Pang (SLP) and Laura Schrager both Deutschers since 2004; SLP is SVP Director of Digital Operations and Laura [...]

Work perks: A BCS Football Championship

The perks of working in advertising are often unconventional: things like black-market boating accessories, increased Klout scores and the occasional insider trading tip. Well, only one of those is an actual perk of this job. But on January 6, I was lucky enough to receive [...]